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Jeffrey Modell Foundation Centre Melbourne

Recent Scientific Reports

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Recent Scientific Reports

Emily Edwards

Members of the JMF Centre Melbourne frequently collaborate to publish new case studies and scientific research relating to Primary Immunodeficiency. An up to date list of scientific reports published by the consortium can be found below:

Stem cell transplantation to treat XLA

Patients with X-linked agammaglobulinemia (XLA) lack B cells and as such don’t produce protective antibodies. This paper is a case study following an XLA patient with B-ALL pre and post stem cell transplantation, and provides evidence for successful restoration of an antibody response.

Antibody deficiency in STAT1 gof

A case study outlining the clinical and immunological presentation of a patient with STAT1 gof. This paper investigates the mechanisms underlying antibody deficiency in this patient.

Delayed diagnosis and complications in adult PAD patients

A retrospective study of the clinical and immunological features of Australian adults with predominantly antibody deficiency (PAD).