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Jeffrey Modell Foundation Centre Melbourne


Useful information for Patients, their families and carers.

JMF Centre for Primary Immunodeficiencies Melbourne

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What is a PID?

Primary Immunodeficiencies (PID) are a group of more than 350 inherited disorders of the immune system with varying degrees of severity. They occur when one or more essential parts of the immune system do not work correctly. PIDs often present in the form of "ordinary" infections. Physicians sometimes treat the infections while missing the underlying cause, allowing the illnesses to recur, and leaving the patient vulnerable to vital organ damage, physical disability, and even death. Families struggling with PID often do not know where to turn for help. Social, emotional, and financial burdens can often be overwhelming. The problems presented in Primary Immunodeficiency diseases have challenged researchers and immunologists to reach improved diagnoses, treatments, and new therapies.

  • Primary Immunodeficiencies affect 1 in 25,000 Australians

  • The most common sign of primary immunodeficiency is increased susceptibility to infection.

  • The infections may appear as common illnesses such as sinus and ear infections, pneumonia, fever, common colds and bronchitis.

  • Without treatment these infections can result in organ damage and in some cases death.

  • JMF was founded by Fred and Vicki Modell who sadly lost their son Jeffrey at the age of 16 from uncontrolled infection associated with primary immunodeficiency. JMF is a public charity devoted to basic and clinical research, clinician education, patient support, advocacy, public awareness and newborn screening.

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