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Scientists share their research with PID patients

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Scientists share their research with PID patients

Emily Edwards

Dr’s Vanessa Bryant (WEHI) and Emily Edwards (Monash University) were both invited by the Immune Deficiency Foundation of Australia (IDFA) to present at their annual conference in Brisbane in April this year.

The event saw clinicians and researchers in the field of Primary Immunodeficiency present on diagnosis, treatment and research to patients with Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiencies and their families. Emily presented on “Immunotherapies for PIDs” demonstrating the range of therapies available and highlighting efforts being made in the research setting to improve therapeutic options for patients. Vanessa's presentation entitled, “CVID genotypes and phenotypes: refining biology in the age of precision medicine” discussed the diversity of clinical presentations of Combined Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) and treatment options available for patients with defined genetic defects.

This was an invaluable opportunity to meet patients and their carers, to understand the diseases we research and the hurdles patients face on a daily basis.